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A local source for dry-aged beef

It turns out the specialty butcher near me has honest to goodness dry-aged prime beef for a not-ridiculous price (@$20/lb for rib roast or ribeye steaks). Dry-aging involves, well, leaving the meat out for a while in a cold environment. This eliminates lots of water and intensifies the beef flavor. If you've eaten in a good steak house (i.e., not Sizzler), that's dry-aged beef:

If you want Alton's take on it, watch:


I blogged about the AeroPress a while back. Well I've had it for over a month now and figured that a report on it would be worthwhile.

More on Pears

Stuart's unusual use of a pear in chicken soup has sensitized me to other things pear and so when I ran across this I figured it deserved a link:

Of course, I suspect Stuart's favorite kind is the colorfully named late Oxford don David Pears. :P

Recent "Cooking"

Chicken soup aside, I've been not necessarily uncreative, just lazy, recently.

Last night I had a friend over to watch movies (the sadly overlooked Patrick Bergin/Uma Thurman 1991 version of Robin Hood and the classic Humphrey Bogart/Ingrid Bergman Casablanca, my favorite movie in all the world). Dinner was:

-Sliced pear and apple
-Dried cherries

Dessert was:

A Followup to Stuart's Chicken Soup Post

Well I made chicken soup, figuring that if I have to have a cold, I might as well do the big pot of chicken soup thing too. It really is a good amelioration for the sore throat. My thoroughly non-traditional soup was:

I Picked Up the Chest Cold Making the Rounds...

...and thus have a decidedly reduced sense of taste/smell. Given the general lack of point, it's canned soup for a bit. Cayenne seems to help clear the airways and gets the blood flowing, though, so I have plenty of it. But on this, oh boy does quality matter for spices. I wish I had a good source of bulk spices nearby but I've not found one. Bulk spices are usually much fresher and thus more potent. A bit of Googling turns up:

Not Something *I* Cooked, but Nevertheless, a Culinary Landmark

I just had Di Fara Pizza over the weekend. It's considered one of the best examples of Sicilian style pizza around. The place is a riot... it's in a dingy storefront in the middle of a Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn. So you wait in line while all these guys wearing fur hats that were haute couture back in the days of Ivan the Terrible walk by. (We were there on the Sabbath so walk was all they were doing.)


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