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I've developed a substantial taste for almonds. Mostly I eat whole raw almonds, but sometimes whole roasted. They have lots of fiber, protein, mangnaese, a nice profile of fatty acids, etc. I also throw them into food, e.g., couscous, by pan roasting them first. You can make (or buy) almond butter and use almond meal as a substitute for flour in some circumstances.

A long time ago I made this recipe up:

Curried Almonds

It's HOT

It's the dog days of August. I haven't cooked anything of consequence since I got back from Europe. Today I have had about a quarter cup of raw almonds and I'm now eating the contents of a bag of wonderfully cooling frozen raspberries. I think the most ambitious things I've made were grilled cheese and cucumber salad. The rest is restaurant food....

Why a Little Technique Goes a Long Way...

So a friend of mine started cooking and I got to sample the first of his creations yesterday. It was, essentially, stewed fruit and chicken, with sour cream. The stewed fruit (mostly plums) had cinnamon as its dominant flavor. On its own it would have been decent. The chicken was seared in a pan and was under-spiced by a fair margin. Combined it just didn't go. He's got a huge creative streak but no real feel for the ingredients. In other words, all hack but it just didn't work. (It was edible at least. The fresh plums saved it.)

The Last of my European Trip Content

Just got back in the USA. I am very jet lagged. Europe was fun (and expensive, but I'm not even going to look at the money or I'll cry).

Some random tidbits from Amsterdam:

-In addition to having darn good (and cheap) food, HEMA has an amusing web page. I got breakfast there pretty much every day, a very nice crusty rolls for 0.25 Euro each with some cheese and coffee to go with. Total cost about 3 Euro. (Cheese other than gouda variants might be nice, though. Just saying.)

Summer Salad Ideas

Apropos the summer cooking post and thread:

While Traveling About Europe...

So I've been traveling to professional conferences, one at the University of Cambridge and now another at the University of Amsterdam. I haven't cooked a damn thing since I left the US, though I'm staying in one of those "suite" hotels in Amsterdam so there's a small stove and fridge, but no pots or pans.

I've had English food ("oh, joy" for most of it, though some good) for a week. Now in Amsterdam I've had:


I am AFK with unpredictable internet access until August 6, meaning Stuart's going to have to provide his own content for a while. :)


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