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Healthy Breakfast

I've been trying to eat earlier in the day compared to my usual habits, which means consistently eating breakfast. (Coffee is non-negotiable, regardless of whether it's healthy or not.)

There are a number of classics that are good, of course, but they tend to be really high calorie and a bit of a pain to cook. Here seems to be my best relatively low-cal, high fiber, easy to prepare breakfast:

Thermal Equilibrium and a Large Roast Sirloin

A bit over a week ago I was visiting my mom, who decided to have all of us kids (there are four of us) over for dinner. I ended up cooking the sirloin roast she bought and it came out pretty well.

It was a seven pound sirloin which had been strung by the butcher. I let it stand for a while to come to room temp. I don't think I did that long enough but that ended up being rather fortunate.

Aging Beef has a nice explanation.

I've read in various sources that it's possible to approximate aging at home by wrapping your beef in cheesecloth and putting it low in the back of the refrigerator for a few days, but haven't ever tried it. Anyone?

Throwing Something Together

Well Stuart has an excuse of a new job, I just haven't been posting lately, partly because I was traveling for a week, in which I got to enjoy my favorite eating locations in Champaign. But honestly I haven't cooked much new in a while.

Last night---it was a truly glorious day here in NYC, as it is again today---I cooked something for dinner real fast. I'm usually a little more deliberate than I was, so this was more of a hacking what I had in my kitchen than I normally do:

A Restaurant for Stuart

No, I haven't gone there... and won't, unless I was dragged or impressing a fan of such things.

Omelette Filling

I've made a few of them recently as eggs have a lot going for them, especially if you buy good ones like the various Omega 3 eggs, free range, etc.

I generally cook eggs in olive oil and my favorite omelette filling is a mixture of sauteed portabella mushrooms, garlic, sharp cheese of some sort, and often a chili pepper thrown in for good measure. I usually add smoked paprika or a pinch of herbes de Provence, too.

Any interesting ones you want to share?

Technically it IS a food item II

Fish heads are one thing but then there's

Um... wow... thanks, really, no I'll pass.

Parts like these can happily go feed Fido.


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