Five Alternative Uses For Your Waffle Iron

Waffle irons aren't just for waffles. Like many people, I'm not a fan of unitasking tools in the kitchen. I don't have huge amounts of kitchen storage, so I don't want to load it up with a bunch of things that only get used once a year. Waffle irons are practically the unitask archetype. They are reasonably large and you can't use them for anything besides waffles, right? Wrong.

Squeez Bacon® - April Fool's Joke to Reality in 10 seconds?

I'm not 100% down with the bacon-mania that permeates the Internet these days, but I am well aware of it. I'm also aware of the Internet's ability to turn people's musings (or mad ravings) into (often unfortunate) reality.

Thus, when ThinkGeek came up with Squeez Bacon® for April Fools' Day, my first thought was, that while it might be a joke today, it has better than average odds of becoming reality soon.

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