Obvious in Retrospect

Don't store other cheese with bleu cheese.

Cheese: Beer and Cake

Last weekend, we had a couple people over for an April Fool's Day gathering. It was more low-key than expected, but there was still an ill-advised piñata (filled with liquor and inflammables and glass things and candy and tinned meat products) that we busted open with swords and a broken tail pipe.

There was also cheese.

Valentine's Day Excess: Chocolate and Cheese

It's that time of year when minds turn to seduction via food. The question is, which old standby do you turn to, cheese or chocolate?

Just to be safe, I humbly suggest both.

Storing Cheese

Image by Jacob EnosImage by Jacob EnosI love tips from old cookbooks. I particularly like it when I can figure out whether or not they actually work and why.

Recently, I saw a tip on Lifehacker that caught my attention: to store cheese (keeping it soft and preventing mold growth), spread a thin layer of butter on it. In the comments, someone one-ups this by suggesting that the butter be spread on cheesecloth which is then used to wrap the cheese.

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