Chicken Soup

A Not Entirely Successful Chicken Soup Experiment

Naturally I had to come down with a head cold last night. Gotta start the school year off right! This means chicken soup. I did not have the usual fixings for chicken soup and have been on a stern "empty the fridge" kick of late, so here's what I hacked together:

Chicken Soup: the Simple Version

As I was home sick today with the irritating sore throat that's been making the rounds, I figured I'd make chicken soup. I was definitely not all that inspired and didn't want to leave home so I had to use what I had here at home. We've both written about chicken soup before, but both were complex. This one was simple:

Therapeutic Soup

Some people bake when they're feeling down. I make soup.

A Followup to Stuart's Chicken Soup Post

Well I made chicken soup, figuring that if I have to have a cold, I might as well do the big pot of chicken soup thing too. It really is a good amelioration for the sore throat. My thoroughly non-traditional soup was:

Chicken Soup Secrets

A couple of weeks ago, my brother came over and we cooked up a big meal for our parents. Among other things, we made chicken soup. When my mother saw how the soup was cooking, she exclaimed that it was genius. Why? I was using a pasta pot with a built in colander. The vegetables and chicken (bones and all) were in the removable colander. Take it out, and you have broth left in the pot. Chicken meat and vegetables that you might want to add back into the soup are now easy to separate. I also use this method for other soups and stocks.

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