Omelette Filling

I've made a few of them recently as eggs have a lot going for them, especially if you buy good ones like the various Omega 3 eggs, free range, etc.

I generally cook eggs in olive oil and my favorite omelette filling is a mixture of sauteed portabella mushrooms, garlic, sharp cheese of some sort, and often a chili pepper thrown in for good measure. I usually add smoked paprika or a pinch of herbes de Provence, too.

Any interesting ones you want to share?

Back from the Farm

This past weekend, we headed out to visit

Help My Brother Out: Too Many Eggs

Recently, my brother moved to a 5+ acre bit of land in North Carolina. He has, among other creatures, over two dozen chickens. He's had a few chickens for quite awhile, but a big batch of them are young and just started producing eggs. Currently, he's getting about a dozen eggs a day. When spring comes around, he'll be getting more.

Okonomiyaki: One Person's Street Food, Another Person's Hack

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese street food that is something like a savory pancake.

How to Avoid Gloopy Finger Syndrome

When you bread things in preparation for frying, do you invariably coat your hands in a gloopy* mess of egg, flour, and bread crumbs? Here's how to avoid that:

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