Savory Apple Pie - Actualized

About a month ago, I started speculating about the possibility of a savory apple pie. This weekend, I finally got around to making one. My arbitrarily determined requirements held that the predominant ingredient in the filling needed to be apple and that the pie needed to include some traditional apple-pie flavorings.

Savory Apple Pie

I've been thinking about pie lately. Actually, I've been thinking about baking lately (and how I should do more of it). Pies seem like one of the easiest sorts of baking to me in that they seem likely to be more amenable to improvisation.

So. Pie.

Since I'm contrary, I immediately want to subvert the pie-paradigm and make a savory pie.

"Aha," you say, thinking you have caught me in a contradiction. "Savory pies are completely ordinary. In fact, I love a good chicken pot pie."

Grāpple: The Fruit That Should Not Be

Original image by John JohnstonOriginal image by John JohnstonThe other day, the housemate brought home a package of Grāpples.

Baste With Apples

Image by LD CrossImage by LD CrossApples tend to release a lot of moisture and lose their shape when cooked. We've developed strains of apples that retain their shape better, and we call them cooking apples.

While cooking apples are great for pies or other places where we want apple to be a featured part of a cooked dish, we can make use of the properties of other apples that don't normally "work" when cooked (like Fuji or Gala apples). With these apples, we can use the liquid they release as basting juices.

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