Five Guys

On Sunday, Angela and I wandered down to Old Town Alexandria. Among other adventures, I had my first taste of a Five Guys burger. Five Guys, for those who don't know, is a chain of no-frills burger places that started in the D.C. area and with 400 or so locations is now spread across half the country.

I'd heard of Five Guys mostly because of people raving about it on the web. Also, Obama likes it.

Food You Should Be Eating: Beef Tendon

Beef tendon is awesome. What is it? Tendons are what connects muscle to bone. As connective tissue, it is normally very tough and fibrous. When you cook it for a long time at a relatively low temperature, though, it becomes soft and rich and gelatinous - and has been called the new pork belly.

St. Patrick's Day Addendum: The Reuben Burger

Image by Kimberly VardemanThis is what a reuben is supposed to look like.


As I mentioned, I made hamburgers last weekend. This, of course, means I have a surplus of hamburger buns.

I clearly needed to come up with a ridiculous scheme for using them.

Ridiculous? Check.

Take a few large, peeled shrimp and embed them head-to-tail, in a circular fashion, inside a hamburger patty.

Today's Lunch

Today's lunch came together well. Let me tell you its story:

On Saturday, Angela and I were at the grocery store. We decided to pick up something for dinner. Burgers? Sure. We had a jar of pickled beetroot in the cupboard, and we'd been planning on finding out if Australians (who we heard put beets on burgers) are crazy or geniuses. We both like our burgers on the rare side, but I'm wary of pre-ground beef, so I picked up a cheap steak to grind at home.

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