Italian Beef

My Turkey-less "Thanksgiving"

As might have been discernible from my responses to Stuart's various posts, I am not much of a turkey fan. I eat it about once or twice a year at the most and don't miss it if it's not around. So yesterday, hanging out with two good friends who aren't from the US and thus don't really care much about American holiday traditions (and after an otherwise pretty atrocious truncated week, too) my Thanksgiving meal was:

-Chicago style Italian beef (this is one of their absolute favorites)
-Cheesecake with buckwheat honey and jam
-Diet Coke

It worked.

Chicago style Italian beef

In the NY area you can get all manners of Italian food. Alas for me it's not really like the Italian food of Chicago, or at least you can't get the classic Chicago style Italian beef sandwich. However I found a jar of hot giardinera at the grocery store that's a passable imitation of the real thing with olives, hot peppers, cauliflower, celery, and carrots in olive oil.

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