Another Cast Iron Pan Use: Dry Roasting Nuts on a Stovetop

Nuts burn VERY easily and they taste nasty when burned. Usually I'd put a bit of oil in the pan or else use the oven but I wanted the pecans I bought today dry and didn't want to use the oven. Set the pan on a very low flame and make sure the nuts are evenly distributed. Stir them once in a while to redistribute. The fact that the pan is so massive and doesn't have a notable hotspot is perfect.

Burning Things

 Julian BurgessImage by Julian BurgessI've been thinking about smoked food lately. This might be because I have several pounds of beef back ribs in my freezer. I was wondering what sort of wood to use to smoke them with...

Toast Your Nuts in the Microwave

Image by Arnold GatilaoImage by Arnold GatilaoI love toasted nuts. My favorite way to eat them is probably tossed with some brown sugar, salt, and rosemary, but I'm not too picky. I'll happily eat them plain. The problem I have is that it about half the time I try to toast nuts, I burn them.

No longer will I have this problem, for I have discovered the power of the microwave.

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