What's your convenience food vice?

From the time that I moved to the DC area back in August until I started my new job a month ago, my schedule has been really flexible. Though I don't think I was conscious of it, this was very liberating in terms of food preparation. With the new job, I work at home. You'd think this would let me run into the kitchen to briefly add something to a pot now and then, but I can't depend on that sort of flexibility. I'm often on the phone, and I don't always finish my workday in time to make the dinner I was planning. My habits are changing.

Five Alternative Uses For Your Waffle Iron

Waffle irons aren't just for waffles. Like many people, I'm not a fan of unitasking tools in the kitchen. I don't have huge amounts of kitchen storage, so I don't want to load it up with a bunch of things that only get used once a year. Waffle irons are practically the unitask archetype. They are reasonably large and you can't use them for anything besides waffles, right? Wrong.

Not Something *I* Cooked, but Nevertheless, a Culinary Landmark

I just had Di Fara Pizza over the weekend. It's considered one of the best examples of Sicilian style pizza around. The place is a riot... it's in a dingy storefront in the middle of a Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn. So you wait in line while all these guys wearing fur hats that were haute couture back in the days of Ivan the Terrible walk by. (We were there on the Sabbath so walk was all they were doing.)

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Okonomiyaki: One Person's Street Food, Another Person's Hack

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese street food that is something like a savory pancake.

Hack Workshop: Brick Oven Pizza (Without A Brick Oven)

Image by Aaron LandryImage by Aaron LandryOver at Goodeater, Kenji Alt has posted his clever kitchen hack for making a brick-oven style pizza at home. Unfortunately, his method is somewhat time-consuming and fidgety. It also requires a gas stovetop burner, which I don't have.

Here are my modifications of his hack. My methods are (as yet) untested, but if they work, they should be easier and more elegant than Alt's.

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