Custom Borscht

Fall has fallen. Today it was chilly outside, and we closed the windows. I'm also feeling under the weather. The combination of these two things made me think of soup.

Fortunately, I have chicken soup in the fridge. My brother came over this weekend, and we cooked. I got to keep most of the leftovers.

It wasn't chicken soup, though, that my mind turned to this morning as I closed the drafty window. Instead it was borscht.

Food You Should Be Eating: Beef Tendon

Beef tendon is awesome. What is it? Tendons are what connects muscle to bone. As connective tissue, it is normally very tough and fibrous. When you cook it for a long time at a relatively low temperature, though, it becomes soft and rich and gelatinous - and has been called the new pork belly.

Fork and Scissors?

Image by  Way TruThis isn't the pho I had for lunch, but it looks like it.
Image by Way Tru.
Yesterday I stopped by the new Vietnamese place in town and got some pho. I love pho, but that's not what this post is about. Rather, this post is about scissors.

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