Anchovies on a Turkey?

Huh? http://food.theatlantic.com/cooking-from-the-south/flavorful-turkeys-sec...

Well they're a surprise ingredient in a lot of things and a substantial source of everybody's favorite flavor, umami (assuming you believe it exists), so maybe....

Thanksgiving Secrets: Three Steps To Avoid Late Turkey Syndrome

My family, like many, has a bad habit of Late Turkey Syndrome. Traditionally, we'd plan for Thanksgiving Dinner to be served at, say, six. The turkey wouldn't be done for another hour or two. A few years ago, my brother had our family over for Thanksgiving at his place in California, and he let me cook the turkey. I've been doing it since, and we've been free from Late Turkey Syndrome.

How did I do it? Read on...

Sous Vide Turkey?

Over on Serious Eats, I saw a post about cooking a turkey with two immersion circulators (in a pot filled with duck fat and butter).

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