Food You Should Be Eating: Cabbage

Cabbage? Really?

Image by ubercultureImage by ubercultureYes. Cabbage. Really.

Chopped Salad

Image by Arnold Gatilao ( by Arnold Gatilao ( like the idea of chopped salads. I really do. They're like solid soup: all the ingredients are blended together.

Okonomiyaki: One Person's Street Food, Another Person's Hack

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese street food that is something like a savory pancake.

Today's Lunch

Today's lunch came together well. Let me tell you its story:

On Saturday, Angela and I were at the grocery store. We decided to pick up something for dinner. Burgers? Sure. We had a jar of pickled beetroot in the cupboard, and we'd been planning on finding out if Australians (who we heard put beets on burgers) are crazy or geniuses. We both like our burgers on the rare side, but I'm wary of pre-ground beef, so I picked up a cheap steak to grind at home.

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