Back from the Farm

This past weekend, we headed out to visit

The Sushi of the Future

This morning Angela made me sushi for breakfast. She cooked the rice in the rice cooker, mixed it with seasoned rice vinegar, mixed in some laver(edible dried seaweed), and topped it with a chopped avocado.

Earth Day Roundup

Image by BrennaImage by BrennaThere was some great environmentally-conscious content on the web today in honor of Earth Day - all of which will be just as relevant tomorrow. Check it out:

Eat Well Guide

The Problem: You've heard the hype about local, sustainable food, but you can never get yourself out of bed in time for the weekly farmer's market... and you don't know where else you can get products from your local farms.

Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood


Many fish we eat are in danger due to overfishing or the destruction of their habitat. The Blue Ocean Institute's Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood lists over 90 species which are commonly used as seafood and ranks them on sustainability, as well as the environmental friendliness of their catch method or farming system. A mobile phone text-messaging service is also available.

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