Making Tahini

I'm currently between jobs, which means I'm on a budget. Almost every time I've gone to the grocery store, I've looked longingly at a jar or can of tahini... but I haven't been able to justify buying one.

It hasn't really been an obsession or anything. If it was really that crazy, I'd just buy it. It isn't like tahini is ridiculously expensive. Still, I really like both hummus and baba ganoush. Both of these things require tahini, are easy to make, and are, other than the tahini, inexpensive.

Nice Blog

"Christina Davidson is a writer and book editor based in Washington, DC. She hosts so many parties and dinners, she would be perpetually broke if she hadn’t developed a method for entertaining the masses on the cheap. Drop her a line if you want to contribute your own tips or ideas for feeding many on very little."


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Sourdough without the Starter
I'm intrigued by the idea. While I like the idea of keeping sourdough starter around, I've never done it. I'm not much of a baker. On the other hand, I do like sourdough...
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Four Ways to Use Leftover Chicken

Whole chickens are a great bargain. If you just roast a chicken and set it out on the table to be picked clean, though, you're probably only going to get a single meal out of a chicken (maybe with some leftovers). With a bit of planning, you can make a single chicken go much farther than that.

Shopping Tip: Let Someone Else Clip Your Coupons

I rarely have the patience for coupon clipping. I don't want to sift through advertisements and coupons for things I don't need. On the other hand, I like to take advantage of good deals. It occurred to me that there were plenty of coupon sites out there. Most of them, though, will force me to wade through store deals that aren't terribly useful for me. We don't have a Safeway or a Jewel or a Wegman's or a Superfresh or a Giant around here.

Brokeass Gourmet


Brokeass Gourmet started up about the same time as I began, and I can't say that I can think of a more timely food blog out there. Focusing on the 'triple threat' of food, wine, and sex; Brokeass is a blog for lean years that you don't want to feel lean. Their recipes and suggestions are aimed at leading you toward a more economical lifestyle that doesn't make you feel like your making any sacrifices.

Improve Your Cooking The Easy Way

There are three main ways to improve your cooking:

  1. Improve your cooking techniques.
  2. Improve your judgment in the kitchen.
  3. Improve your ingredients.

Which one do you think is easiest?


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