Learning to Cook

Jamie Oliver @ TED

If you haven't done so yet, you should watch Jamie Oliver's TED talk about fighting obesity. I've never really been a Jamie Oliver fan... and, yes, this video is almost a half hour long, but the topic merits your attention. Really.

Your Kitchen Sins

No one is perfect. We all have our flaws. Some of these are due to absentmindedness. Others are willful. Most, however, are probably habits that have become ingrained. We'd probably get rid of them if we could, and we can temporarily overcome them when reminded.

You know how cooking instructions often tell you "don't crowd the pan?"

Yeah. They are talking directly to me, because if they didn't remind me, I would probably be crowding that pan.

What bad kitchen habits do you have?

Why a Little Technique Goes a Long Way...

So a friend of mine started cooking and I got to sample the first of his creations yesterday. It was, essentially, stewed fruit and chicken, with sour cream. The stewed fruit (mostly plums) had cinnamon as its dominant flavor. On its own it would have been decent. The chicken was seared in a pan and was under-spiced by a fair margin. Combined it just didn't go. He's got a huge creative streak but no real feel for the ingredients. In other words, all hack but it just didn't work. (It was edible at least. The fresh plums saved it.)

Here's an Interesting Idea...

I just read this post by writer Sally Schneider, who discusses how she helped her cooking novice boyfriend out using a cell phone camera. Then she muses about how you could hook up a video camera through Skype to a savvy friend or even a service:

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