Seasonal Foods

Summer Salad Ideas

Apropos the summer cooking post and thread:

Six Things to Eat in the Heat

At the end of June, I asked you all for your summer food suggestions. Here's the round-up (plus a few extra):

The Heat Is On

Image by Paul SapianoImage by Paul SapianoSummer has hit.


Eat Well Guide

The Problem: You've heard the hype about local, sustainable food, but you can never get yourself out of bed in time for the weekly farmer's market... and you don't know where else you can get products from your local farms.

Improve Your Cooking The Easy Way

There are three main ways to improve your cooking:

  1. Improve your cooking techniques.
  2. Improve your judgment in the kitchen.
  3. Improve your ingredients.

Which one do you think is easiest?

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