Sous Vide

"Bathtub" Sous Vide Experiment

Yesterday I experimented with sous vide using only ordinary kitchen tools. In this case I used: Electric water boiler Large pot 3 ceramic salad plates (heat sinks and weights) Thermometer Stove I started with some prepackaged Korean style chuck steak, which came sealed in a heavy plastic. This was cut into stew sized pieces and had been marinaded in sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, and some rice vinegar (usual stuff).

A Sous Vide Breakthrough

When Crimfan came by to visit a few weeks ago, I regretted not being able to expose him to some fun sous vide cookery. I'd been meaning to work out a means to employ the method at home with the equipment I have. Unfortunately, most of the sous vide preparations that I get excited about take a long time - so sitting by the stove with a thermometer wasn't going to do it. I needed something with some ability to maintain a constant temperature.I do have something like that - my electric wok. The temperature control is measured in degrees. It goes from 220 to 420.

Assorted tidbits

The new edition of Texture – A hydrocolloid recipe collection is out. Go download it

As seen everywhere: sous vide in a beer cooler. Useful, but it unfortunately doesn't work for some of my favorite sous vide effects.

Electric Kettle Sous Vide?

As I've mentioned in the past, I've really been wanting an electric kettle. I was researching them yesterday when I noticed some things of interest. First, some of them have various temperature settings and will even keep the water at a constant temperature. Second, many of them don't have exposed heating elements. If you put the two of these together, you have the makings of a sous vide water bath. Now, the big problem here is... well... a lack of bigness.

Five Problems With Sous Vide Cooking

While cooking sous vide can have some awesome effects, it is far from perfect. In my two weeks of experimentation, I found five big problems with the technique.

What I've been Cooking (Sous Vide)

Today I sent my SousVide Supreme demo unit back. I had it for almost two weeks. While this gave me a chance to get a feel for the machine, it didn't really give me enough time to really see all of what sous vide - as a technique - has to offer. Here's what I cooked:

Resources for Cooking Sous Vide

Online Sous Vide Resources

These are the two best online resources for sous vide cooking that I've found:


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