The Beauty Of Frozen Spinach

Image by  Marjon KruikEveryone has a weird pantry staple, something that they inexplicably always have on hand. Me? I always keep a bag of frozen spinach around.

I don't use it like I would fresh spinach. Instead, I tend to use the frozen stuff in small quantities. I might add some to a soup or stew. I might add some to tomato sauce or chili. I might think to toss a bit into an omelet or curry. I often add it to sweet potato dishes. The number of things I cook that a bit of spinach finds its way into is remarkable. While fresh spinach might taste a bit better, I don't always have it around. Frozen spinach is reliable. I use it almost like I would an herb. It adds a bit of heartiness and nutrition. I always buy bags, as they are far more convenient than those boxes full of a solid spinach-brick. With a bag, I can use the spinach in whatever quantities I need. For me, it's a great convenience. With a bag, I don't need a chisel.


Image by Marjon Kruik


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