My name is Stuart Broz. I like to cook.

Image by Tim Skirvin

I'm not a professional chef. I don't work in a restaurant. I didn't go to culinary school. I learned to cook by doing, creating meals for my family while growing up. I saw cooking as experimental and magical. It was like alchemy. My parents' cupboards were full of esoteric ingredients with which I could experiment, things with colorful names like Gumbo File, Arrowroot, and Turmeric. I could combine these things in strange and exciting ways and the results might (if I was lucky or restrained) somehow turn out coherent... or even tasty. With experience, I've learned more, but I don't think I've ever gotten over my urge to experiment with food. This website has in large part grown out of that urge. Another contributing factor is that I found that I had hundreds of cooking tips and tricks from all over the web. Some were bookmarked. Others were saved in my RSS reader. Still others were clipped in Google Notebook. There wasn't any organization to them. This site began as an attempt to catalog them. In looking over the collection of information I'd assembled, I noticed some common themes. Many of them emphasized an outlook popularized by computer hackers and DIY enthusiasts. I began to see this project as something potentially larger than just a content management system. I hope to make it an examination of a quiet revolution in the way we think about food, its preparation, and its role in society.


Image by Tim Skirvin