Five reasons to make freezer jam

I saw this article on NPR that advocated freezer jams for those who are afraid of canning. On one hand, I like the idea. I'm a big advocate of the freezer. On the other hand, this isn't just for those who are afraid of canning. Here are five reasons why I might prefer to make freezer jam over the alternative:

  1. Lack of Canning Equipment: I have a pressure cooker, but it is relatively small. I've used my largest stock pot for canning, but it was only big enough for smallish jars.
  2. Available Storage Space: You've seen my kitchen. I don't have huge amounts of cupboard space. I do, however, have a chest freezer.
  3. Taste and texture: This is a subjective one, but frozen fruit feels tastes more like real fruit to me than cooked fruit does.
  4. Convenience: Yes, it is more convenient to open a jar of canned fruit than it is to open a jar of frozen fruit. On the other hand, I'm more likely to buckle down and go through the simple process of making the frozen stuff than I am to go through the more involved canning process.
  5. I don't need jars: You can put some of your freezer jam into zipper bags. Not only does this mean that I can store it flat, but it also means that if I fold the full bag before it freezes, I get nicely perforated bits that I can break off as needed.


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