Here's an Interesting Idea...

I just read this post by writer Sally Schneider, who discusses how she helped her cooking novice boyfriend out using a cell phone camera. Then she muses about how you could hook up a video camera through Skype to a savvy friend or even a service:

"The idea held huge possibilities. Imagine using Skype with a live feed from the computer's camera for culinary trouble-shooting, or even better: one-on-one demos, about how to make an omelet, or beat egg whites for a soufflé, or pare an artichoke to its heart..."

Given how much of a "lottery" the cooking world is---there are a few big winners and a lot of losers---maybe providing one on one advice via Skype would be a way to soak up culinary school graduates? I'd consider getting advice that way. There are a ton of things I'd like to make that I don't know how to do properly.

P.S. I was looking for a link that explained the notion of a labor market as a lottery but couldn't find one given the blizzard of lottery links out there.