Nyafat Substitute

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Schmaltz is rendered animal fat that is commonly used in Eastern European cooking. While lard is technically a type of schmaltz, most people associate schmaltz with chicken fat.

A vegetarian schmaltz-substitute was, until recently, sold under the brand-name Rokeach Nyafat. This was particularly popular (especially in its onion-flavored variety) with kosher Jewish cooks, who used it to achieve rich flavors in traditional dishes like kneidlach, matzah brei, or kugel without adding meat-based products.

Nyafat recently became unavailable. I'm not certain as to why. It might have contained more trans-fats than was wise. Nevertheless, it was an essential ingredient in many family recipes, and people have lamented its passing.

Here are a few options for replacing Nyafat in a recipe:

  • Use a non-vegetarian option. Depending on your dietary restrictions, this might be the easiest option. Chicken schmaltz can be found in some grocery stores (particularly those with kosher freezer sections). (Lard can be found anywhere. I think it grows on trees.) If you want to make your own chicken schmaltz, it isn't hard. Check out the recipe here.
  • Make your own vegetarian schmaltz in either small or large quantities.
  • Go to an Indian grocery and pick up some vegetable ghee (usually sold as vanaspati). I have a sneaking suspicion that this is very similar to what Nyafat was. If you try this, let me know whether it works or not. I should note that vanaspati isn't particularly healthy. Not that the other options are healthy...

Any other ideas? Leave a comment.

Update: A lot of people have been looking at this post lately, presumably in preparation for Passover. If you want a pareve option that is kosher for Passover, you'll probably want to try the middle option above. If you are making something to be served with meat, you can use chicken fat (that's what Nyafat was designed to emulate in the first place). The vegetable ghee option will be vegetarian, but it is probably not going to be certified kosher - and may contain oils that you don't consider kosher for Passover... though you can always check the ingredient list. (April 3, 2009)


Thank you. This is very helpful.

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You're welcome. Glad to help.

I think I may know why it is not sold anymore. I don't think it had much to do with trans-fats, I think it is not like shortening, it might be closer to a health food.

I have found an obscurely cited lawsuit. I am unsure what jurisdiction it is. I think the other product is called Kea, I never heard of it outside tehse paragraph which didn't copy right off the pdf file

chicken fat could not substitute for dairy uses, it also would be far more fattening.

Indian ghee, made from butter, is actuaally more healthy than butter since the fat is skimmed off, but again, is a dairy product, as well it would not be kosher, nor kosher for passover.

Stuart Broz's picture

Fred - Thanks for the insight on a possible lawsuit. I know chicken fat can't sub for diary uses, but some people don't care about that - and just have recipes. The flavor should be close.

Indian ghee is made from butter, but I was talking about vanaspati, which is a vegetable product. It should be kosher, though possibly not KP (depending on its ingredients and how strict you are).

The Kea case is ancient history (Parev Products v. Rokeach, from 1941) and is taught in all the law schools as the classic example of an implied negative covenant.

(Parev Products, developer of Nyafat, licenses product to Rokeach for distribution; Rokeach develops similar product, primary purpose of which is to avoid paying royalties to Parev. Court ruled that although the contract did not expressly prohibit Rokeach from developing its own product, the prohibition was implied by the contract itself.)

So this doesn't explain why Manischewitz (which owns Rokeach) decided in 2008 or 2009 to stop making Nyafat.

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