Seeding A Pomegranate

On Halloween, we had a pomegranate. I like pomegranate quite a bit, but Angela is a huge fan. Halloween seems like a particularly appropriate time for them, both because they are in season and because they have associations with the underworld.

When Angela broke it open, I suggested that she separate the seeds in a large bowl under water. I'd read that the pomegranate pulp floats while the seeds sink to the bottom of the bowl. This is, in fact, true. It made separating the seeds into a remarkably quick job. In moments, we had a bowl full of shining pomegranate seeds.

Perhaps it was because it was Halloween and I was attuned to the idea of things being in costume, but I was struck by how similar pomegranate seeds looked to corn kernels. I promptly ran to the freezer, where we had some frozen corn, and retrieved a single kernel for the sake of comparison. I'd never noticed the similarity before. They are the same size. Their structure is similar. The primary visual differences are color and degree of translucency. I'm tempted to play off of this somehow and use both corn and pomegranate seeds in a dish. Possibly some sort of salsa?


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