Welcome to my kitchen (Part 2)

Earlier, I showed you a picture of my new kitchen before we moved in...

Check out what it looks like now:

When we moved in, the refrigerator was right up against the entryway, and there was a large empty space next to it across from the oven. I moved the fridge to the middle of that wall and put my granite-topped rolling cart in across from the oven as counterspace. There is also a outlet right there, which is convenient.

On the other side of the refrigerator, I put in this shelving unit that I had. Conveniently, the rolling cart, fridge, and shelves fit near-perfectly on that wall. I consider myself lucky. I set up the griddle/grill so that it can be used where it is. I like using it, but I found that I rarely did in my old kitchen... where I had to take it out and set it up. I've been using it a lot since I placed it conveniently. This also holds the rice cooker, blender, and toaster. The lower shelf is holds pots and such.

I still need to do something about the electrical cords.

Now, we had another shelf unit that was similar to this but larger (6' high x 4' wide)... so I used it to add four linear feet to my kitchen. Yes, I know. This is cheating. A piece of curtain cloth hung from the back of it separates it from my living/dining area.

This is mostly storage and extra pantry space. I've hung some pans from it, and I found that pot lids stand up nicely in-between the gaps in the shelf.

I put some of my favorite cookbooks up on top so that they would be within easy reach.

I also included a small work-area near my spices, herbs, vinegars, and such. I store some ramekins over there that I use for holding spice and sauce mixes. It has proven to be remarkably convenient.

The Hulk guards my limes. This is a big change for him. In the past, I've only really allowed him to hold wasabi peas.

In this picture, you can also see a pan that I acquired from crimfan.

Across from this shelving unit, I set up some more counterspace. We had an old door that Angela had bought with the intention to use it in a sculpture. She didn't. We stuck some table legs (from Ikea) on it and put a piece of glass (also from Ikea) down over one section and a piece of granite (that I acquired some time ago) over another. Some cheap plastic shelving we had fits nicely underneath it, as does Angela's old mini-fridge (which I am thinking of converting for use in aging meat or making cheese) and our recycling bin. The orange bit that you see in the corner next to the counter is a piece of cloth that covers my chest freezer.

As you can see, I wasn't really happy with the kitchen I was given... so I made my own. I am pretty happy with it, but it is still a work in progress. Ideas are always welcome.


It's an anodized aluminum stir fry pan, sort of a cross between a saucier and a small wok. I should buy another.

Stuart Broz's picture

Yes. I like it a lot. Very multi-purpose.

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