Yet Another Episode of "Obvious In Retrospect"

A while back I noted something about cheese storage. Here's another one:

Don't press a reuben unless you've really, truly dried the sauerkraut well. Generalizing this result is left as an exercise for the reader.

Steel Cut Oats: Worth the Hype?

Yes, absolutely, the fact that they take a half hour to cook is irrelevant.
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No, they're really not THAT great.
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Oats are for horses, why would I eat them?
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Other (add a comment).
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Great Toast Sans Toaster

I don't own a toaster. I haven't had one for a long time for a number of reasons, but perhaps the main one is counter space, or rather lack thereof. (I don't own a microwave either.) Thus a lot of things people usually do with a dedicated device I do with a pan and the stove. Toasting is one. Here's the best way I've come up with, after trying many methods, most obvious the broiler. Take a frying pan, put it on medium low heat. Put some butter or olive oil in the bottom of the pan and place the bread in it, making sure not to crowd the pan.

On Being Your Own Bullpen

Baseball metaphors are not really a normal thing for me but it is October and I live under fifteen miles from two major league ballparks. For those of you who don't know, the bullpen is the group of relief pitchers, who come in to relieve the starter when either the starter is too tired to finish the game or the game's not going well. Essentially the bullpen is a baseball team's plan B.

Molecular Gastronomy 'n' Cocktails

Nutshell version: Using nitrous oxide (NO2) in a whipper to infuse flavors into drinks.

Another Cast Iron Pan Use: Dry Roasting Nuts on a Stovetop

Nuts burn VERY easily and they taste nasty when burned. Usually I'd put a bit of oil in the pan or else use the oven but I wanted the pecans I bought today dry and didn't want to use the oven. Set the pan on a very low flame and make sure the nuts are evenly distributed. Stir them once in a while to redistribute. The fact that the pan is so massive and doesn't have a notable hotspot is perfect.

Overripe Plum Turns Into Impromptu Trap

I had some overripe fruit in my kitchen and ended up with some unwelcome visitors: drosophilia. They might well be welcome in the science lab but are definitely NOT welcome in the kitchen. After policing all the areas that had fruit and putting it all in the fridge, emptying the garbage, etc., I turned one of the offenders, an overripe plum, into an impromptu fly trap. The recipe: One piece of used notebook paper One jelly jar Half an overripe plum 2 oz leftover white wine Dish soap Piece of scotch tape Put the plum, wine and soap in the bottom of the jelly jar.


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