Hating the Haters: Epicurious on Molecular Gastronomy

Over at Epicurious, Amy Sherman wrote Why I Hate Molecular Gastronomy, a brief editorial that misses the point. Sherman's point is that the techniques of molecular gastronomy might be cool, but they don't really make food taste great.

Figgy Delight

Fresh figs + Gorgonzola are awesome.

That is all.

A Not Entirely Successful Chicken Soup Experiment

Naturally I had to come down with a head cold last night. Gotta start the school year off right! This means chicken soup. I did not have the usual fixings for chicken soup and have been on a stern "empty the fridge" kick of late, so here's what I hacked together:

"Bathtub" Sous Vide Experiment

Yesterday I experimented with sous vide using only ordinary kitchen tools. In this case I used: Electric water boiler Large pot 3 ceramic salad plates (heat sinks and weights) Thermometer Stove I started with some prepackaged Korean style chuck steak, which came sealed in a heavy plastic. This was cut into stew sized pieces and had been marinaded in sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, and some rice vinegar (usual stuff).

Obvious in Retrospect

Don't store other cheese with bleu cheese.

Food in Copenhagen?

I'm headed to Copenhagen on Friday for about a week. This is a work trip, but I'll have a couple of days to explore the city. I welcome any and all recommendations for dining, fine or otherwise.

...or, really, any recommendations at all.


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