White Bread

So I was trolling through the opinion page of the WaPo while drinking my coffee and I stumbled on this:


TV Show to Check Out: Bizarre Foods

It's a Travel Channel show. I don't have cable so I have only seen some episodes on Netflix streaming. This show is amazing. The host, Andrew Zimmern, is enthusiastic and likes to go where the people live. He's not at all afraid of going nearly anywhere and has had shows in safe locales like Paris but also in Uganda, where he went fishing for lungfish in a swamp by sticking his hand in a ditch of water. My favorite was the trip to Sicily, where he goes to a fishing village and has lunch with a family.

Approximating a Sandwich Press

I don't have a waffle iron or sandwich press and don't really intend to get either anytime soon. I used to have a Foreman grill, which presses reasonably well, but I never liked it for anything else and lack the counter space. However I decided to make an approximate Cuban sandwich (with a bottle of beer) for dinner, which requires approximating a sandwich press. Here's my attempt. This might be totally obvious to others, I don't know, but it had never occurred to me.

Low and Slow on a Steak?


The author argues that it's a good idea to cook a steak low and slow. I think what he really did was reinvent a roast, in this case a sirloin roast. Generally it is a good idea to cook a roast low and slow and then put the crust on separately, either before or after the long cook.

A Sous Vide Breakthrough

When Crimfan came by to visit a few weeks ago, I regretted not being able to expose him to some fun sous vide cookery. I'd been meaning to work out a means to employ the method at home with the equipment I have. Unfortunately, most of the sous vide preparations that I get excited about take a long time - so sitting by the stove with a thermometer wasn't going to do it. I needed something with some ability to maintain a constant temperature.I do have something like that - my electric wok. The temperature control is measured in degrees. It goes from 220 to 420.

An Observation

Chocolate egg creams are good.

Chocolate egg creams with a scoop of chocolate ice cream mixed in are better.

Korean Tacos?

Korean fillings wrapped in a tortilla:


I live in a very Korean neighborhood and work in Koreatown in Manhattan, but haven't seen them yet, though I confess I haven't looked either. Anyone tried one?


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