Home Coffee Roasting?

A friend sent me this web page:


It's all about home coffee roasting. Intriguing but I'm not sure it's really worth the trouble. On the other hand, maybe it's fun. Any thoughts or experience?

Packaged Fresh Ravioli

I've been buying packaged ravioli recently, which are really good summer foods as they don't involve heating up the kitchen. The usual ones are cheese and meat, but you can often find other kinds, such as ones stuffed with artichoke, blue cheese, chicken sausage, etc. Very convenient as they cook up quickly just by pouring boiling water over them (this takes about 4 minutes). You can also fry them up in a pan like fried wontons. Go the extra mile to build a sauce for them and they're really nice. Here's one I just made today, which I liked quite a bit:

Ratio App for Android

Last year, I singled out Michael Ruhlman's Ratio as my cookbook of the year. I still stand by that decision.

Today, Michael Ruhlmam announced the release of the Ratio app for Android devices. I quickly downloaded it, and it is pretty keen. It seems to include a lot of the content from the book. More importantly, it has an interactive tool that is incredibly useful.

Fennel Pollen Obtained and Used

So I bought some fennel pollen from Kalustyan's on 28th and Lex. It ain't cheap (about $20/oz) but it's interesting as it adds a subtle fennel flavor to foods to which it is added. I used it in French toast and also in a frozen fruit salad I devised for Fourth of July.

Frozen Fruit Salad

1 bag of mixed berries, frozen
1 bag of pineapple, frozen
1/2 cup anise flavored liquor such as ouzo, raki or sambuca
1/4 cup lime juice
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp fennel pollen
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp walnut oil

Food-related Android Apps: Call for Recommendations

I recently got a new phone - an HTC Evo running Android. I'm in the market for food-related apps. I know that I've linked to a few in the past, but that was a few months back. I'm going to try a bunch out and post some reviews, but if you have any favorites, please let me know.

A Meeting of the Minds

Crimfan is making the trek south from NYC in a few days, and we'll catch up for dinner. I'm tempted to force feed him a meal involving sous vide techniques and extra umami. Suggestions?

The Downside About Living Near a Diner...

...is smelling French toast every morning. Why is this a downside, you ask? Because I'm not going to eat French toast every morning, that's why, but today I'll succumb and make some myself.

Update: Well it was there again this morning. Damn them, but that French toast smells too good, so I had to make it again. (I know they wish I'd just stop by and get some there, but noooo, I'm going to make it myself.) Here's my take:


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