Check your spices for freshness

Do you have commercially-packaged dried herbs or spices still in their original containers? Manufacturers including Durkee, McCormick, and Spice Island have online resources that allow you to find out just how old your herbs and spices are.

Supercook: Recipe Search by Ingredient

Supercook allows you to enter ingredients and search for recipes that make use of them.

This isn't a new idea, but it is a very good implementation of it. In addition to entering ingredients, you can emphasize some of them over others. This is great when you are in the mood for something in particular or when you want to make sure you use something up before it goes bad.

Recipe cheat-sheet

Do you have print-outs of recipes cluttering your kitchen?

I often print out recipes. Usually, they are things that I've found on-line and annotated. These end up sitting around in my kitchen, getting things spilled on them, and ultimately getting lost, thrown out, or destroyed by the cat.

Instead, I ought to create a recipe cheat-sheet with recipes I want to have around. I could even laminate it.

Kitchenhacking 101

What is a kitchenhacker?Image by dumbledad


 When they see the word "hacker," most people think of computer programmers and, in particular, people who break in to computer systems. The realm of computers is where the word was popularized, but hacking isn't limited to it. Moreover, hackers tend to repudiate those who maliciously break in to other machines, calling them crackers. Hacking is about having an attitude oriented towards creative problem-solving and unconventional, elegant solutions. Hackers believe in challenges, making things, and the free exchange of ideas.

Cornstarch cubes?

Image by qmnonicImage by qmnonicI love reading cookbooks. My favorite part of a cookbook, though, is rarely a recipe. Usually it is the foreward, the appendix, or the aside: the place where the author gives some insight into their methodology and mindset.

What I like most about these things are the ideas they inspire.


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