A Revolution in Sandwich Technology

The other day, Angela and I went over to Mark's Kitchen, a tasty Korean-American cafe. It had a nice selection of bread types. While we were eating, I kept looking at their bread list. Then I looked at Angela's chicken and avocado club sandwich on sourdough. Three slices of bread. Each of them were the same.


Why not a slice of pumpernickel on the bottom, olive bread in the middle, and sourdough on top? Why not a slice of challah or multigrain in there somewhere? Why limit yourself to one type of bread in any sandwich?

Chicken Soup: the Simple Version

As I was home sick today with the irritating sore throat that's been making the rounds, I figured I'd make chicken soup. I was definitely not all that inspired and didn't want to leave home so I had to use what I had here at home. We've both written about chicken soup before, but both were complex. This one was simple:

Corn + Smoked Cheddar = Peanut Butter?

Sometimes, cooking involves happy accidents. Sometimes, it just involves accidents.

Last night I cooked up a few beef back ribs (salt, garlic, cumin, and olive oil on low in the slow cooker for a couple hours to tenderize, finished with pomegranate molasses in a 500 degree oven for a wee bit). They were delicious.

How to Cook Everything, the app version


It's a nice book, of course, though definitely on the thick side. The reason for the app, though, is those times in the grocery store when you want to know "hey, what do I need to buy for this recipe?" Timers would also be very handy. I've used a few of the timers on the iPhone already but this is explicitly set up for cooking.

Assorted tidbits

The new edition of Texture – A hydrocolloid recipe collection is out. Go download it

As seen everywhere: sous vide in a beer cooler. Useful, but it unfortunately doesn't work for some of my favorite sous vide effects.

Healthy Breakfast

I've been trying to eat earlier in the day compared to my usual habits, which means consistently eating breakfast. (Coffee is non-negotiable, regardless of whether it's healthy or not.)

There are a number of classics that are good, of course, but they tend to be really high calorie and a bit of a pain to cook. Here seems to be my best relatively low-cal, high fiber, easy to prepare breakfast:

Thermal Equilibrium and a Large Roast Sirloin

A bit over a week ago I was visiting my mom, who decided to have all of us kids (there are four of us) over for dinner. I ended up cooking the sirloin roast she bought and it came out pretty well.

It was a seven pound sirloin which had been strung by the butcher. I let it stand for a while to come to room temp. I don't think I did that long enough but that ended up being rather fortunate.


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