How To Transfert A Project Open Lca

30/10/2013 I created a project on an old template 'A' which template doesn't have the annotations I want. I have tried "Transfer project standards" but it doesn't seem to be updating for some of the annotations family I created in template 'B'. […]

How To Put Back Files I Moved Mac

2: Select File/ Folder or Setup file, Right click on it then Choose “Put Back”. See Image below. See Image below. At a time you will find another finder window on trash folder, which shows where your Data saved back on Mac.It’s easy to identify and use it directly from default primary location. […]

How To Make Homemade Mashed Potatoes Youtube

So these vegan cauliflower mashed potatoes don’t actually have any potatoes in them. But you knew that already! The whole cauliflower rice and cauliflower mashed potatoes thing is all about not actually having actual rice or potatoes anywhere to be seen. […]

How To Pay Provincial Taxes Owing In Alberta

In the case of new corporations, or corporations owing under $3,000 in taxes for the year, you may not have to make instalment payments. To calculate your instalment payments, the CRA has created a series of worksheets to help you through the process—one to estimate your 2018 taxes , one to calculate monthly instalments , and one to calculate quarterly instalments . […]

How To Make Bacon Scented Candles

Scented candles make me go all warm and fuzzy, and this is the time of year when I miss the variety available in American stores the most. I understand that there’s a Yankee Candle UK website, however, it’s just not the same. […]

How To Make Own Dress Form

14/09/2011 · Several years ago, Connie Crawford came to the Houston Chapter of the American Sewing Guild to lead a pants pattern class and a dress form making class during a sewing retreat weekend. […]

How To Make Sneaker Mask

You might also like this paper mouse mask, just print out the following mouse mask template and print out. Learn How to Draw Rats and Mice Pick a mouse or a rat to learn how to draw above by clicking on one of the thumbnail images. […]

How To Play Steam Without Internet

While you do have to use Steam to run Fallout NV, you can set it to run in Offline Mode so that it doesn't have to start Steam up and go online each time you want to play. Tomorrow I will give it a try and see if it solves some of the crashes I'm having with the game. […]

How To Prepare Wood For Signing

Making a show-stopping DIY large wood sign is easier to make than you think! Here’s a great tutorial for how you can make your own gather sign for your home. […]

How To Make Fake Flowers Out Of Paper

Instructions for Making Miniature Plants and Flowers Make a Range in Several Scales. By or punch out leaves to make shrubs and trees in dollhouse scales. The branched trees can be shaped to resemble many identifiable tree shapes. Take a good look at a photo of the tree you want to copy, and bend the wire branches into the correct shape for your tree. Continue to 9 of 10 below. 09 of 10 […]

How To Make Deli Ham

Like make a sandwich with the ham and turkey cheese and tomatoe. Then break an egg and add some milk. Whisk it then dip sandwiches. Fry on low in a pan turning once. Serve with a green salad. Then break an egg and add some milk. […]

How To Run Ethernet In The Home

+ Run Device Manager on your PC and look in the "Network Adapters" branch. There should be (at least) two items there, the wifi adapter and the Ethernet one. There should be (at least) two items there, the wifi adapter and the Ethernet one. […]

How To Make Pictures Less Mb Windows 10

How can I make my pictures 840 x 840 pixels and 3MB or less? Save you images as .png (a lossless compression algorithm). I have a tough time gettings files bigger than 1,7Mb from images that are 840 x 840 pixels but those are even as .b … mp are not more than 2.0 Mb so I … […]

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Want An Open Relationship

Youve let your boyfriend know you miss him, but you may need to remind him of what hes missing from you. Physical intimacy is a healthy part of a romantic relationship. You dont have to leap into bed with him, but let him know you enjoy his company. […]

How To Play One Way Or Another On Ukulele

But a musician should be able to adapt most guitar pieces one way or another. And by adapt, I mean “make more uke-like.” And by adapt, I mean “make more uke-like.” I doubt you could adapt German Baroque without making drastic changes to it, but nothing is really stopping you from music that is primarily strummed. […]

How To Insert A Symbol For Audio Play In Wordpress

How to insert an HTML5 audio player to your webpage using iframe. Iframe is a convenient way to insert the HTML5 audio player to your webpage, and it's supported in all major web browsers, which include mobile, tablets and desktop computers. […]

How To Play Grow Island In Y8

Joacă Grow Island, jocul online gratuit pe! ! Apasă acum pentru a juca Grow Island. Bucură-te cea mai bună selecție de jocuri legate de Grow Island. Apasă acum pentru a juca Grow Island. Bucură-te cea mai bună selecție de jocuri legate de Grow Island. […]

How To Make A Girl Like You Over Text Messages

What to Text a Girl You like: Examples of What NOT to Do There is nothing that will make a woman run for the hills than the wrong kind of text message. And no, its not what you say that really matters its the how you say it that makes all the difference. […]

How To Play Bow In Monster Hunter World

6/02/2018 · This way the monster gets hit twice with the jumping shot already charged to the max level because of the initial shot and the dodge. Boards Monster Hunter: World […]

How To Make Magic Powder Maplestory

Spell powders are also super easy to take with you, since I’m nomadic I’m always looking for ways to make my magic portable and this is the pinnacle of quick, portable magic. I can keep half a dozen little vials of various spell powders in my purse without ever noticing the weight difference and they let me cast spells in about ten seconds flat when I need to. […]

How To Make Birthday Decorations At Home With Paper

28/08/2016 · 7 Paper Decorations DIY How to make Summer camp craft JK Arts 1054 JK Arts. Loading... Unsubscribe from JK Arts? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 593K. Loading […]

How To Make Google Navigation Speak Out Directions

Share your location and directions. There are a million apps that make It is the easiest and most intuitive way to zoom in or out. Google Maps is one app that benefits from pinch-to-zoom a lot […]

How To Say No To Children At Weddings

You want your wedding to be an unforgettable affair for all of your guests, but in the mad dash to RSVP, some of your attendees may attempt to include a few persona non grata. […]

How To Put Password On Xbox Account On Separate Xbox

And with your Xbox Live account, you even can try Minecraft Realms on mobile and Windows 10 free for one month through the Minecraft app. LEARN MORE. Connect with the Xbox Live Community, everywhere you go . Stay connected with your friends and gaming community everywhere you go across Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones. See what your friends are playing, view your achievements […]

How To Make Black Fondant With Cocoa Powder

Make the Black Chocolate Cake: Heat oven to 350 degrees F and lightly coat four 9-inch round cake pans with cooking spray. Line the bottoms of the pans with parchment paper, then spray the parchment. […]

How To Make A Lego Beyblade Easy

Check out the Hasbro Beyblade website for news and information about Beyblades - including how to upgrade and make the most of your battlers. You can also scan the Beyblade top with your device and unleash your own Beyblades in the Beyblade Burst App. […]

How To Make Light Coconut Milk From Regular

Substitute coconut milk for regular milk. For example, use it as a creamer for coffee, or in hot chocolate, eggnog or tea. Use coconut milk as a skin softener. The natural moisturizers and oils in coconut milk will make your skin silky smooth. Add a can of light coconut milk to your next bubble bath. Pour the coconut milk into a large bowl and add hot water by cupfuls. Stir in between each […]

How To Play Multiplayer Snes Games Online

For online bingo pros, the six-card and quick play games are quite a challenge! Each player in the room gets the same number of cards marked with a 5x5 grid containing numbers from 1 to 75. The pattern is announced, and the round begins. […]

How To Make A Baby Mobile Hanger

The baby mobile can reflect your nursery theme, soothe your baby with movement and motion, and simply be darn cute. But before you hang it on the crib and step back in plum adoration, be sure you've selected one that won't harm your baby. […]

How To Play Games On My Phone To Pc

18/11/2013 Some of you may not know what remote play is... It's basically streaming what's on my PC to a device like my cell phone as an example. I made and mod this to see if I would like remote play […]

Need For Speed Most Wanted How To Play

This is not a game but only a collection of Guide Need For Speed Most Wanted, Tips Need For Speed Most Wanted, Tricks Need For Speed Most Wanted... Free Publisher: Cintya Downloads: 451 […]

Plants Vs Zombies 2 How To Play Co Op

Plants vs. Zombies 2 7.0.1 Mod APK Download Description Play the award-winning hit action-strategy adventure where you meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of … […]

How To Make Katha Paste

Vat Savitri Vrat Fasting is for three days and it begins on the trayodashi day and ends on Amavasi or Purnima. Some sections of Hindu society observe the vrat during Amavasi (new moon) and others during Purnima (full moon) in the Hindu month of Jyeshtha (June July). […]

How To Make Crab Cake Sandwich

Cook crab cakes until golden, turning once about 8 minutes. Place crab cakes in rolls. Top each with 2 tbsp shredded lettuce, 1 slice tomato and sliced red onion. […]

How To Make A Silencer For Air Compressor

Air compressor silencer - blue thing in the picture - Discussion leads to pdf link on design of silencers. Air compressor silencer - blue thing in the picture - Discussion leads to pdf link on design of silencers . Visit. Discover ideas about Diy Garage. June 2018. If you want to eliminate the problem buy a Quincy air compressor next time and you won't have to replace it every time you turn […]

How To Raise Approval In Tropico 5

Tropico 5 - Espionage DLC Trophy Guide By This guide will assume that you have played enough of the Tropico 5 base game to understand the mechanics. If you haven't already achieved the platinum, or want a refresher on tips and controls, please view the Tropico 5 guide. Linked: Tropico 5 Trophy Guide This is a guide to getting Tropico 5's coveted platinum trophy with minimal fuss. Make […]

How To Prepare A Cake Pan

Test Kitchen Manager Jennifer Armentrout shares her tips for preparing cake pans so that cakes release perfectly and look beautiful.Test Kitchen Manager Jennifer Armentrout shares her tips for preparing cake pans so that cakes release perfectly and look beautiful. […]

How To Make Easter Bingo Cards

Create a bingo card using a Easter theme for example basket, egg, green, yellow, blue, bunny, chocolate and so on. Create a call card with the same pictures that are on the bingo card. Cut the pictures from the call card individually and place in a hat. […]

How To Say I Speak Russian In Russian

vyskazyvat'sya speak out, express, speak, speak up, pronounce высказываться напрямик phrase vyskazyvat'sya napryamik speak out , give a piece of one's mind , give a bit of one's mind […]

Curse Minecrfaft How To Make Server

Firstly, the line that says Starting Minecraft Server on *:25565 (25567, in my picture above). This is the port the server is running on and is the one you'll need to port forward to allow other players to connect to your server. […]

How To Make A Picture Half Transparent Word

Picturebox1.visible = true \\ will turn on a box Picture box.visible = false \\ will turn a box off Place both boxes over one another then turn on the one you want to be seen, and off the one you do not want to see, reverse the order to switch between them. […]

Roblox How To Make Your Status A Paragraph

After all, there is a large variety of games for every level, so you could use Roblox as a fun opportunity to hang out with your kid and get to know what they're interested in. Plus, the development potential is an educational opportunity in disguise. […]

How To Make A Vector Class Java

We have already seen set(int index, E element) method of java.util.Vector class will replace the element at the specified position in the Vector with the specified element, sameway setElementAt(E obj,int index) method will set the element at the specified index of this vector to be the specified object.The previous element at that position will be discarded. […]

How To Read Analog Multimeter Dcv

Learning how to use a digital multimeter is much simpler to read and you can change the functions on it more easily. Digital multimeters (Photo 2) have LCD readouts and do continuity testing. Some digital multimeters also feature auto-ranging and overload protection and other advantages analog […]

How To Make An Ice Cream Sundae Worksheet

Set out a long, low table in the area where the kids will be making their ice cream creations. If the weather permits, set up the sundae bar outside to limit the mess in the house. […]

How To Put Epub Books On Kindle Paperwhite

The Amazon Kindle is a great ebook reader, (including the Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, and the Kindle Voyage), you're pretty much tied to getting your content directly from Amazon. Well […]

How To Remind Hiring Manager

Give the hiring manager a reason to want to take your call: Provide value with every voice mail, every email, every conversation. In voice mails, tell the hiring manager you have industry information (or competitors’ information) to share – but make the employer call you back to get that info. […]

Mca How To Make Another Villagers Kid Grow Faster

Another good strategy is to drag one of your adult villagers around the island after every tech purchase and look for new things that they can work on. Most of the frustration related to solving the puzzles is brought on by impatience. It takes time for your villagers to gain the necessary skills and technology to work through all of the puzzles. […]

How To Make Someone Not Pissed Off At You

15/10/2008 Best Answer: Here are some tricks. When you start to lose it, take a break. Get some water, and douse your head. The colder the better. Literally cool off. The shock of the "cold shower" should get your mind off of the mistake. This helps because you take your mind off the game, and you prevent your […]

How To Make A Drop Down Menu Android Studio

The Minimum SDK drop-down list identifies which application programming interface (API) you want to develop for this project. Always set the Build Target SDK to the latest version that you’ve tested your app on. When you select Lollipop, you build and test your app on devices going up to Lollipop. Doing so allows you to develop with the Lollipop APIs, which include new features such as the […]

How To Make Tomato Sauce Italian Style

Italian-Style Sausage in a Tomato Sauce . 46 Reviews. 93% would make this recipe again. Pricking the sausages and blanching them before sautéing (as we often do in Italy), reduces the amount of fat. […]

How To Listen To Podcasts On Phone

14/10/2017 · Watch this video tutorial to learn how to listen to podcasts on your iPhone. We'll show you just how easy it is to enjoy podcasts at home or on the go with the free Podcasts app for iOS. […]

Pokemon Red And Blue How To Play On Bass

In Pokemon Red and Blue, there are a few times when you'll be asked to trade Pokemon with an non-player character. Some of the Pokemon available prove advantageous against nearby Gyms or story points, and some are only available in these versions through such trades. […]

How To Make Your Own Reloading Press

10 Must-Know Reloading Tips for Rookies and Vets Alike You dont need a lot of room to set up a useable reloading bench. The authors Harry Potter bench is built under his basement stairs. […]

How To Make Moist Heat

Moist heat sterilization describes sterilization techniques that utilize hot air that is heavily laden with water vapor and where this moisture plays the most important role in the sterilization. […]

How To Make Money Online Web Developer

I have a small medical billing and coding business. I started creating a website and attempted all of the coding but I was not successful. I got some things done (website, design, photos, added a logo for my business) but the site isnt up and running. […]

How To Make A Fantasy Race

Play our free racing games online and take fantasy horse racing to the next level. - "Being 20, I know all about games. Not only do you guys make the best horse racing games, I think ,simply put, you make the best games! Anyone who plays will become addicted to any one of your games." […]

How To Make Sim Baby Go To Th

11/05/2018 Add a baby. You can add a new baby by buying another crib in Build Mode. You also need to level up to add a new Sim. In case you have already reached the maximum Sims in your level, simply remove one from the Create-a-Sim menu- or, you can lower your Sim […]

How To Make Oatmeal Not Taste Like Shit

6/05/2011 · A 2000 calorie pizza costs 5$ - or 225 rs. while 1 kg of whey protein costs you 60$ or 2700rs Pizza tastes great, while oat meals taste like the stuff that comes out of your backside. […]

Gmod How To Make Your Self Admin

18/05/2015 · How to install and use ULX to add yourself as an admin of the server. If you liked this video and found it easy to follow please leave a like and comment. […]

How To Open File Manager In Windows 7

To Download File Manager For PC,users need to install an Android Emulator like Xeplayer.With Xeplayer,you can Download File Manager for PC version on your Windows 7,8,10 and Laptop. How to Play File Manager on PC,Laptop,Windows […]

How To Make Good Prezi

2015 has been a good year for community-created templates—earlier this year, we saw some of your amazing designs in the Prezi Design Challenge. This year’s winner of the Best Reusable Design award is a new one: Climb to Success by Prezibase. […]

Who Knows How To Make Love Stay Utube

The only true way to make love stay is to pay attention, follow its flight and adjust your path right along with it. Love is the ultimate prey and it’s up to each of us to … […]

Risk Star Wars How To Play

9/07/2018 · How to Play Risk. Risk is a classic strategy game in which players try to conquer the world by controlling every territory on a playing board. The game takes some skill to master, but it's simple enough that anyone can pick up and play it.... […]

How To Put Contacts On Sd Card Galaxy S4

64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 Card was the card on my Galaxy S3. It performs well there. And performs about the same on Galaxy S4 too by getting 36.0 MB/s sequential reading speed and 11.4 MB/s sequential write speed. […]

How To Raise Volume Of Audio In Shotcut

There is another MP3 booster that can increase volume of MP3. Audacity is a free and open-source audio editor and recording software. In addition to recording audio, Audacity can also be used to edit audio […]

How To Make A Double 2x10 Beam

How To Make A Double 2x10 Beam New Images. Diy Balance Beam For 30 Or Less My Little Me Best Baby Gear. Make Your Own Posts And Beams Lightweight. How To Make A Beam Balance. How To Make Faux Ceiling Beams 5 Cool Diys Shelterness. Beam Eals To In First Global Caign News Ad Age. How To Build A Balance Beam Just . Remodelaholic Diy Wood Beam Doorway. Beam Suntory. Fightingarts Balance Beam … […]

How To Make Natto At Home

I make natto at home using Japan imported nattomoto. I steam cook soy bean in my InstantPot. Then miz nattomotto and then put back in InstantPot for 48h with yogurt function. Finally, put everything into the refrigerator for 2 or more days. The fermentation is ok, the smell is not. Namely it does not sting at all, and its taste is not even the slightest pungent. How do I make my homemade natto […]

How To Run Gnucash Hello World Report

4 Reporting bugs. To report bugs, suggest enhancements or otherwise discuss GNU Hello, please send electronic mail to For bug reports, please include enough information for the maintainers to reproduce the problem. […]

How To Read A Heat Map

Before we talk about website heat maps, let’s talk about people. There are two kinds in the world. Those who see A/B testing (and Conversion Rate Optimization by extension) as gambling and those who see it … […]

How To Process A Partial Return With Avatax

Start the process on the Returns tab in AvaTax. Confirm or change your Tax Type setting in AvaTax. In your AvaTax Setting labeled Where you Collect Tax, confirm the Tax Type setting is correct (sales tax or sales and sellers use tax), based on your registration with Colorado. If you are expecting to collect Sales Tax only, the setting would be Sales Tax only. If you are expecting to collect […]

How To Make Pepperoni Chips

In this new series, Hopping Chef Vidhu Sethi shows you how to make one of her favourite recipes; the Prawn Ravioli. In this video, Vidhu makes Chorizos and Pepperoni Chips to … […]

How To Save A Live Facebook Video

After you end a live video session on your Facebook page, youll get immediate insights into how many people watched your live video. This comes in addition to the options to upload HD video and save the video to your camera roll to share on other networks. […]

How To Make A Pamphlet Using Word 2007

How do you make an obituary using Microsoft Word? How can I make a pamphlet on Microsoft Word? In Microsoft Word, how do make a background image? How do I delete a blank page on Microsoft Word? Ask New Question. Learn Vern. Answered Mar 27, 2018 Author has 592 answers and 141.4k answer views. Open the Word document, go to your cover page and then Page layout > Margins > Custom […]

How To Make Salted Egg Powder

Easy to prepare homemade Salted Eggs using only chicken or duck eggs, kosher salt, Shao Hsing cooking wine, and water. The hardest part is the waiting. The hardest part is the waiting. Salted Eggs are preserved eggs packed in salted charcoal paste or soaked in brine. […]

How To Custom Order From Etsy

As I was doing this for my shop, I found that other custom paper bag sellers on Etsy took custom orders. And I found that they usually had a separate item for special orders that the buyer could add to … […]

How To Make A Ratio Of 5 With Drops

To make 1 quart of detergent/water mix To make 1 gallon of detergent/water mix Dilution Ratio Soap Water Dilution Ratio Soap Water 6.5 oz 25.5 oz1:4 102.5 oz […]

How To Make A Pipe Cleaner Dog

You can bend a pipe cleaner around the stem pipe cleaner in loops to look like stems. More Pipe Cleaner Crafts Below Making Valentine’s Day Hearts Candy Doggy Card with Pipe Cleaners - If you want to make a special Valentine’s Day Card Treat to give out to your friends and classmates this year at school, then here is a tasty and inexpensive project to make. […]

How To Play Pubg Mobile Without Lag

18/01/2019 How to play PUBG mobile on Low End PC Fix Lag In PUBG MOBILE HOW TO PLAY PUBG MOBILE ON PC WITHOUT GRAPHICS/WITHOUT EMULATOR/WITHOUT LAG ll by borntoplaygames Super low Playerunknowns Battlegrounds for low end PCs (Warning: Read description) […]

How To Make A Mermaid Costume Easy

It is so easy to make that I made one for my mermaid costume as well. You will see that one in the adult mermaid costume tutorial. Before you go, don’t forget to check out the full girl’s mermaid costume with face paint tutorial on the […]

How To Make Lockscreen Brighter

28/11/2018 · Settings -display and brightness - and slide the way you want, or, better to use control center and add the brightness feature so to access from control center. Use and customize Control Center on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch […]

How To Say Part Time Job In Korean

If you want to know how to say full-time job in Korean, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Korean better. Here is the translation and the Korean word for full-time job: ??? (jeong-gyujig) Check out other translations to the Korean language: […]

How To Say Beak In French

Libby talks you through how to use a Beak Clip in a simple twist up. BEST HAIR CLIPS FOR THICK HAIR. EASY LAZY HAIRSTYLE QUICK FRENCH TWIST BUN UPDO Awesome Hairstyles. […]

How To Make A Iphone 6 Work Faster

And they have another function: the curves work with the thin profile of the phone to make the bigger screen entirely manageable. This is the slimmest iPhone yet. At 6.9mm it’s 0.7mm slimmer […]

How To Run Opengl In Windows

The graphics in Minecraft is written with OpenGL API. That doesn’t mean that you have to “install” OpenGL in your system, because the code needed is already in the code. Your graphic system must be conformant with OpenGL though. […]

How To Make Tea Taste Good

8/07/2018 How do you make marijuana tea or cannabis tea so that it tastes great, read this […]

How To Raise My Body Temperature

Exercise raises body temperature. You have to do it yourself, not just watch someone else exercising! Wear more layers of clothing. Wear a hat. […]

How To Make Cool Mii Characters

See more What others are saying "Parenting - Child - 5 Easy Face Painting Designs for Kids (Maquillaje Halloween Media Cara)" "Doggy Face Paint, very cute." "Simple Dog Face Paint […]

How To Say Take Away Left Food In Restaurant

19/06/2007 How to Take an Order in a Fast Food Restaurant. Taking an order is not as easy as one might think. When working in a business requiring you to take orders, it is imperative that you first know what you are doing. Please note: This article... […]

How To Make Muffins From Scratch

Learn how to cook great Make from scratch pizza dough english breakfast muffins . deliver fine selection of quality Make from scratch pizza dough english breakfast muffins recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. […]

How To Make Blue Mocktails At Home

Home How to make Cocktails & mocktails. How to make Cocktails & mocktails ? 147.00 - Purchase this Course Or log in to access your purchased courses. Shake it all up by learning how to make delicious Cocktails and Mocktails! Course Description. This course will teach you how to make dozens of your favourite cocktails. It really is simple when you know how. Theres loads of easy […]

How To Make The Fastest Supra In Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3: Fastest Way to Make Money. 4 MONEY METHODS Forza Horizon 3. Forza Horizon 4 - EASY MONEY MAKING METHOD OVER 5 Million + Credits. Forza Horizon 2: Unlimited Money Glitch! (360 ONLY!!). Forza Horizon 3 1.000.000 XP infinite money in 20 M. Forza Horizon 3 - NEW TOP 5 WAYS TO EARN MONEY AND XP. FH3 UNLIMITED MONEY GLITCH (JANUARY 2017). Forza Horizon 3 […]

How To Make Illustrator Shapes Lok A

Water drops can be super handy especially when you have them available as vector shapes. This tutorial was created to show you how easy it can be to create a water drop in Adobe illustrator. This tutorial was created to show you how easy it can be to create a water drop in Adobe illustrator. […]

How To Make Pizza Faster A T Restaurant

After that we would stretch to make the pizza. You could probably replicate this by putting your dough into a covered pan in the oven without preheating on "low" or "warm". You would also want to put a bowl of boiling water in there to add steam. Just make sure it doesn't burn or get up to temperature. You may want water or oil in there with it so it doesn't dry out. […]

Google Docs How To Make Headers Different On Each Page

14/06/2008 · I need to put my last name followed by the page number on a word document on the top of the page, right hand side. I have tried to do so, but there is a link of some sorts between pages 2 and 3. […]

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