Ultimate Beef Macaroni and Cheese

Yesterday, I made a pot roast.

Today, I used the leftover sauce to make a pasta risotto that formed the basis of the world's beefiest mac and cheese.

Breakfast Risotto (or Who Said Healthy Food Has to Taste Bad?)

Given that Stuart's indicated he's "a theoretician" this leaves me(!?!) the empiricist here, I'll post an update to my previous hot cereal.

I made one change. I used soy milk for the liquid base, which I've done for breakfast couscous before. This time it was:

Broken Rice

Image by Andrew MagillImage by Andrew MagillAs we settle in to our new home, Angela and I are exploring the local cuisine. We live very near a large Latin American and Caribbean population. On one of our first days here, we stumbled into a Caribbean market on New Hampshire.

Uses for parmesan rinds


Don't throw out your parmesan rinds. Instead, add them to all sorts of simmering foods to add a depth of flavor:

  • Soups
  • Sauces (particularly tomato sauces)
  • Rice dishes (particularly risotto)
  • Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Pasta

Remove the rind before serving.

This should work with other sorts of hard-rind cheeses as well.

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