Home Coffee Roasting?

A friend sent me this web page:

It's all about home coffee roasting. Intriguing but I'm not sure it's really worth the trouble. On the other hand, maybe it's fun. Any thoughts or experience?

Trader Joe's Whole Bean Coffee... a bargain.

It's really good for the price. I bought 24 oz of Bay Blend (essentially an Italian roast) for about $10. That's a lot of coffee but I go through a lot so it's not likely to get stale in the time I have it, as I make a quad espresso every morning. I don't know how good the lighter roasts are because I don't drink lighter roasted coffee, just French, Italian or, my favorite, Sumatra. (To my palate, origin flavor <<< caramelization. :) Anyway, if you shop there check it out.


I blogged about the AeroPress a while back. Well I've had it for over a month now and figured that a report on it would be worthwhile.

Storing coffee

If you love your coffee, store it properly.

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